Copper Lanterns Hand Crafted in Pennsylvania
Hutton Metalcrafts, Inc.

Handcrafted Soaps
Hand crafted small batch Shea butter and lava orange
essence hand soap.

7 ounce per bar

Shea butter soap base, Glycerin, Coconut Oil,
medium grit lava powder, Orange essence, water.

Make a good lather with warm water in your hands first.
Rub hands together 4 to 5 minutes adding a little water if
your lather gets dry. For extra dirty hands add more soap
lather and continue until the dirt is softened and washes
away. Repeated use may soften your dry skin.
Soap color may vary.

$12.95 including USPS shipping.

To order please cll 1 570 972 6331 cell

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