Solid copper art, pine tree wall hangings.

Each sculpture is one of a kind  hand made by copper smiths Thomas and Xian Hutton.
The green color is achieved by a natural patina and the burgundy color
of the trunk is achieved by heating the copper to a yellow hot heat then
the color is "fixed" in a cool quench.
The trees are sealed with three coats of a matte acrylic . We have sizes from
7" tall to 40" . Please call or see us at a show.  We also make Deer ,
Bear, Moose, Ducks ,fishermen, fisher ladies, skiers , anything you like.
We can reproduce your pet ~ your sailing boat, tennis player, on and on.....

1(570) 972-6331 cell
12 1/2 " tall x 5 1/2" wide. + -
Copper tree #CUTR 1215

Each tree is hand cut one of a kind.

$32.00 Free USA Post office shipping.

1 570 972 6331
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Xian Hutton's copper art