Hutton Metalcrafts, Inc. Lamps around town
Since 1963 Solid copper lighting hand-crafted by Hutton
Northridge Station at Camelback  Ski
Area. A 300 home Slope side village.
Snowridge Villas 200 custom homes.
Jack Frost Mountian
Jack Frost National Golf Course
and ski area.
Pine Crest Woods 325 homes
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Mystic Pines Luxury Homes 15 complexes
Brookside Estates a four season
residential country club
Wild Pines Golf and Country Club.
Brendon Carroll (570) 646-2452
Pinecrest Lake Companies, Inc.

Makers of Lighting for Pinecrest Lake P
Liberty Homes, Pocono Lake, PA
Francis Lantern
Smaller 1860
Custom 24" square by 48" tall.
The Clipper Lantern, click the
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Antique copper will patina over time.

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